Frequently asked questions about bird repelling with laser devices

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our laser dispersing devices.

How to use the Agrilaser?2016-11-16T13:06:54+02:00

Before you turn the Agilaser on, make sure it points to the ground and the laser beam can not reflect on shining objects. Turn the Agrilaser on by pressing the blue button and shine the laser dot about two meters in front of you on the ground. Make sure no reflective objects, vehicles, buildings or people are between you and the birds. Then move the laser dot slowly over the ground towards the birds. The Agrilaser should not be used like a gun, i.e. point and shoot. The Agrilaser is the most effective during sunrise and sunset and in overcast, rainy or foggy weather conditions.

Bright weather conditions
Ensure that you have the sun in front of you and that the birds have the sun behind them. Otherwise the birds will not notice the laser light because of the bright sun.

Make sure the Agrilaser, and the lens in particular, is kept out of the rain. After use, take off any raindrops with a dry cloth.

How long is the battery life?2016-03-04T10:46:40+02:00

The Agrilaser can be continuously used for two hours when the batteries are full. Please keep in mind that the quality of the batteries influence this duration. In practice the Agrilaser® is not used for two hours continuously and batteries will be replaced once a week.

What is the range of the Agrilaser?2016-03-04T10:46:09+02:00

The laser beam can repel animals from a distance of 2000 meters during weather conditions of 15 000 Lux which is compared to overcast.

Is the Agrilaser safe?2016-08-22T14:33:45+02:00

The Agrilaser is developed with safety in mind, the laser beam which does not harm the birds or people. Do take the safety instructions as written down in the manual into account.

Does livestock react on the laser beam?2016-03-04T10:44:37+02:00

Livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens will ignore the laser beam.

How long will the birds stay away?2016-03-04T10:43:48+02:00

This depends on many factors and we cannot give any guarantees about this. From practice we know that after systematic use of about four days, the birds will consider the field on which the Agrilaser® is used as unsafe and will not return. However, it is always possible that a new group of birds arrive which have never been repelled by the Agrilaser.

Will birds get used to the laser beam?2016-03-04T10:42:46+02:00

Birds perceive the green laser beam as a physical danger which is coming towards them. The only alternative to avoid being hit is flying away. This is the same reflex when birds fly away when a car approaches. The Agrilaser® appeals to the survival instinct of the bird. Unlike conventional methods of deterrence birds will not get used to the laser beam of the Agrilaser and will be always be repelled.

Am I allowed to repel all bird species?2016-03-04T10:42:08+02:00

Rules and regulations exist which prohibit deterring certain (protected) species. Always check the local legislation before using the Agrilaser.

Which birds will the Agrilaser repel?2016-03-09T15:25:04+02:00

The Agrilaser repels:
Geese, seagulls, plovers, deer, ducks, crows, cormorants, rabbits, cranes, raven, stilts, hares, herons, songbirds, magpies, pigeons