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Agrilaser: The world’s best handheld lasers to repel birds

The Agrilaser products are a silent and animal friendly solution to avoid bird nuisance in rural and urban areas. Agrilaser products are easy to use and offer a sustainable bird control solution in the agriculture, recreation, industrial and real estate market. The products are widely used to avoid birds from damaging crops and feedstock. The lasers are also very effective to prevent problems caused by bird droppings and debris in commercial or residential buildings. Agrilaser guarantees best in class equipment which is safe to operate without the need of additional training.

Repelling birds with laser
Your property can be reclaimed from passing birds with the use of Agrilaser technology. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. Moving the beam toward the birds appeals to their survival instinct, causing them to fly away. Laser offers great advantages compared to traditional methods:

Agrilaser enables effective bird repelling across long distances. This long range makes it easier to repel birds from one position, drastically shortening the intervention time.
Agrilaser can be used to repel birds in a controlled direction.